Brendan Harwood is a Melbourne-based digital media artist who’s practice is primarily engaged with exploring the process of digitalising the surface of physical objects.

Having moved to Melbourne in 2007, he completed his Bachelor of Arts(Animation and Interactive Media) degree in 2010, then Masters ofCreative Media (Animation and Interactive Media) in 2013, both atRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Throughout the years completing his Masters, his practice moved away from working within traditional forms and display of moving image media, towards virtualising and working within the parameters of physical objects, the relationship between the object and image, and the relationship between the object and viewer. These ideas have beenmade possible with use of digital projectors, video mapping softwareand interactive set ups.

In2014 Brendan worked on productions for The Australian Ballet and Mercedes Benz, had work exhibited in Vivid 2014 and the GertrudeStreet Projection Festival 2014, while working alongside the music collectives The Operatives as their VJ for a number of internationalDJs and producers.

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